Whether you and your friends are new to fishing or are experienced anglers... here at First Light Tackle, we provide exciting and rewarding opportunities for everyone to further develop their fishing skills and ultimately share their mutual passion in fishing.

Come visit us in store and expand your knowledge on local fisheries, proper gear selection and tackle set up.

Take a step even further and start your next fishing adventure with us. We could be targeting salmon, steelhead, or even coarse fish like carp!  You can enhance your water reading skills, learn productive fishing techniques & methods, connect with new friends and of course most importantly... have fun! 





First Light Fishing & Tackle

1 day 19 hours ago

Finally feels like Fall... Custom jigs, roe, flies, come & get what you need for salmon season! We're grinding hard to keep our shelves stocked & ready for you guys!

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Live. Love. Fish.

First Light Fishing & Tackle

2 days 19 hours ago

Nom nom nom, just ate the whole fly! Anyways it's official... the last day of summer. Thx for sending in pics & sharing with us your summer fishing experience. It was real fun to see what everyone has been up to. Stay tuned for more updates & store promos! Be sure to follow us @1stlighttackle on Instagram!

Live. Love. Fish.


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