At First Light Fishing & Tackle, not only do we carry a variety of fishing gear to feed your angling obsession, but we also provide the services and knowledge as well.

If you're new to fishing and are still learning about this great past-time, definitely feel free to come visit us and ask lots of questions so that we can help you use the correct gear and tips that best suits you and your targeted fishery. Get started on selecting your own customized rod and reel combo while our staff assists you with assembling the proper tackle and setup you need.

For the experienced anglers, we all know the learning and fishing never really takes a break. With all those seasons out on the water however, overtime your rod just might! Should this unfortunate event ever occur to you, feel free to drop by our store to get your rod repaired. Who knows? We can even swap a few fishing trophy stories or you might run into something new and innovative in store! 

Looking for your next big fishing adventure? Be sure to also check out our guiding section for a sneak peek of what it is like to fish with one of our fishing gurus.


First Light Fishing & Tackle

9 hours 36 minutes ago

X marks the spot 🚩 Here there be chrome fish 🐟!

Just kidding, here is the meet up point for our annual Stave River cleanup on Saturday Nov 25th at 9am. Feel free to join us for some free coffee & help clean our local waters! 😎👌

Reminder we will be closed that day so if you need anything before the weekend drop by today 🎣

Message us for any questions about Saturday!

Be sure to follow us on Instagram @1stlighttackle and FB for more updates!

Live. Love. Fish.

First Light Fishing & Tackle

1 day 9 hours ago

No filter needed because we're still walking the dog 🎣 with couple of fresh ones fishing BC 😎

Join us this Saturday Nov 25th for our annual Stave river cleanup! 💪

We will be closed that day so drop by the shop today/Friday & pick what you need for some weekend BC fishing 😁!

Message us for any questions regarding the cleanup!

Follow us on Instagram @1stlighttackle and FB for more updates! 👍

Live. Love. Fish.


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